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PDF Splitter Merger split merge batch PDF file - PDF Merger create one PDF from multiple PDF documents
PDF Splitter Merger separate PDF file into random selection of pages-PDF Merger combine multiple PDF into one PDF with simple interface
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Support Section
We are here to provide technical support to our customers 24x7. We are here to handle all your queries related to PDF Splitert & Merge Software.
Split and Merge
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How to Use Split Merge PDF Software

  • How to merge PDF document
  • How to Split PDF Converter

 How to merge PDF documents?

PDF Splitter Merger efficiently combines multiple distinct PDF files to create a single PDF with the utilization of some simple steps:

  • Step 1: Add input PDF
  • Step 2: Select Merge into one file

Step 1: Add input PDF documents

You can insert single or batch PDF files from any location of your PC through "Add File" or "Add Folder" buttons. All appended PDF files will be displayed in List Panel as shown underneath:

PDF Splitter Merger Software gives alternative to add PDF files via Add File (add single files one by one) or Add Folder (add all files in a folder simultaneously) contained in File menu.

All inserted PDF files will displayed in user friendly List Panel with description such as File Path, Page Range and Page Count.

Define Page Range

You can enter any page range starting from and ending at by mentioning numeric values in From and To boxes as shown below:

Step 2 : Select Merge into one file

Lastly, just make a click on Merge into one file to join multiple files and generate single document form them.

How to split PDF documents

PDF Splitter Merger lets you to split a huge PDF document into smaller ones to read or fetch data from PDF easily. With PDF Splitter, you can separate numerous PDF files with the usage of subsequent steps:

  • Step 1: Add input PDF documents
  • Step 2: Select Split into Single or Make one PDF

Step 1: Add input PDF documents

Add individual PDF files by "Add File" button or insert all files in a directory with "Add Folder" button displayed on upper right side to insert PDF files in software.

You also have an alternative to select PDF files from File menu and add them to list panel.

All added PDF files will recorded in list panel showing information for example File Path, Page Count and Page Range.

Set Page Range

Set any custom Page Range for splitting PDF documents by specifying data in From and To fields as presented below:

Step 2: Select Split into Single or Make one PDF

Now choose “Split into single” to create desired pages PDF file as per user requirements.

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This is best software to split or merge many PDF files with thousands of pages. I used to segregate required pages from PDF e books to save time and avoid number of pages. I am very impressed by well designed interface with preview to show selected PDF file and so simple to navigate for splitting and merging PDF files. PDF Splitter Merger is so simple to download, configure and split merge password protected PDF in few steps.
Daniel Bronte

Thanks to PDF Splitter Merger! It gives me inexpensive way to split my multi page PDF files for quick access of selected pages in two steps. I have searched so long for suitable PDF Splitter Merger tool but not get similar software to perform splitting and merging of PDF files with easy options like split and merge even, odd, random or particular page range according to requirement but with use of PDF Splitter Merger I can do it in few seconds.
Shelley Carell

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